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Feel the cleanse


At the risk of stating the obvious, 2009 has been one muthajumpin year. Damn! It was a grind to be sure. I found myself–to quote Imogen Heap–with my heart in a headlock a lot of the time. Griffin Max was born at the end of 2008 so my wife and I spent most of 2009 sleep deprived and stressed out. So much of my personal health and well-being was compromised in so many ways.

So to kick off 2010 and reset the body clock as it were, I have decided to follow my dear friend Anne’s lead and do a 20 day cleanse. While there are many ways to rid the body of built up toxins, the foundation of any good cleanse is to just stop putting garbage in! So I will be doing almost all raw foods, with a few lovely veggie broths here and there; lots of water and fresh juice. I am following an herb-based cleanse that you can see here.

I am on day 1 of the cleanse and I am really looking forward to making it through to the end with a much better internal motor. It’s not that I feel that bad now, it’s just that I believe that “out with the old, in with the new” is not possible for the body if you don’t periodically take a break to really cleanse . So if you’re one of those folks out there that has not been entirely kind to your body, do yourself a favor and find a full body detox that’s right for you. There’s many approaches out there, so just research it, and do it!

Day One:

Two glasses of water in the morning with the DHERBS Formula #1.

Cup of Ginger tea


Mid-morning DHERBS Formula #2 with…

Couple of handfuls of raw cashews.

(1) Avocado

Mid-day DHERBS Formula #3 with…

Almonds and (1) Avocado

Afternoon DHERBS Formula #4 with…

A glass of fresh carrot and apple juice with 2 oz of wheatgrass

A small handfull of almonds.

Early evening DHERBS Formula #5 with…

a few almonds

Dinner was a lovely homemade miso soup with kale, carrots, celery, and seaweed.

DHERBS Formula #6.

And throughout the day I was chugging a lot more water than normal. I confess I did buy a big ol container of distilled water. I imagine that this is what most of my days are going to look like throughout the cleanse.

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