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A brief moment


It’s hard to walk
We have to crawl.
That’s ok.
We have to move.
Sure it gets boring.
Is that what God meant?
I’m not sure.
But I do believe that it was all
flight–with some
When the wind rips through
the cane patch
the symphony breaks open
and it never leaves.
Is that what God meant?
I believe it was.
If there is a ray of sun
that breaks (can rays break)?
Then breathe through the loop and
climb inside for just a brief moment.
After all that’s all we ever get…
A brief moment.

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  1. Susan Foster permalink
    03/13/2010 11:41 pm

    Tom, It’s wonderful isn’t it? That one brief moment is all it takes to inspire so much more…I’m so very happy for your sharing…I’m sure that there are many people replying in so many different ways…It seems to me that crawling has its benefits, and it’s nice when you lift your head and see around you the things you crawled through..and made it…. I revert back to crawling a lot and it usually is not by choice but then again everything has a purpose so I’m learning to see through only what my eyes see..and going within I have a totally different outlook on what I see around me…It is true how short our time is here. Like falling stars..I guess it’s all how brightly we shine that makes it easier for the less fortunate to see..Then again maybe they’ve already seen too much and are just tired in their moment…Whatever,
    Thank our lucky stars and that’s all of them….for the light and the shadow of it all..and maybe we are all just shooting our energies falling and crawling just to make some connection to it all…Peace, Susan

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