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Coconut Oil


Why should I feel strange that I have now resorted to rubbing coconut oil on sun spots and rough patches of my face that are now starting to show the effects of nearly four decades in the sun? I shouldn’t right? Well it does seem a bit symbolic that as I am about to turn the page of my thirties and embark on the adventure of my forties, I am definitely feeling my physical limitations more than ever.

I rode 10 miles yesterday and ran about 2 miles today and I feel like I have been dragged through a knothole backwards. Now I don’t think that’s how I should be feeling after that modest a two day exercise swing. WTF? Ok, it’s true, I am really out of shape. I have neglected my body for too long over the past year or so and it’s time to turn things around. In addition to the 20 day cleanse I am currently on, I am hell bent on getting back on the horse and finding a SUSTAINABLE exercise routine. The same issues of work and kids is a battle cry that is not going away any time soon. I think it’s high time I just figure out a way to deal with it. I just ordered an Iron Gym from Amazon. It’s one of those pull-up bars that locks on to a door jam. It also doubles as a push up bar and something you can lock your feet into for sit ups. We’ll see if that helps. It was only about $30 so…

Anyway, I am excited to get this year going by putting my body back on center stage and accepting the fact that neglecting my physical well-being is ultimately just bad and wrong. Ok, there…I said it.

Check out these fun facts about coconut oil…

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  1. 01/10/2010 2:18 pm

    Aw, stop it already. Listen to your body. It’s telling you to sit on your ass. It’s telling you to eat whatever you want. It’s saying, “Exercise? At your age? I think Richard Simmons started exercising when he was 39 and look at his physique, after decades of ‘exercise.’ Looks like a quadriplegic who was poured like pancake batter from a body cast into cheap rayon and stripes. Save the coconut oil for frying chicken. Or, better yet, masturbation. Never forget, done properly masturbation is the equivalent of jumping rope, particularly if your wife catches you and end up having to run around the house, continuously tripping on the underpants hammocked at your ankles, evading her rage and rolling pin.”

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