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Ring them bells…


It’s late so I have to be brief, but I will say this. I am stunned. I am grateful. I am amazed at the transformation of the past seven days. Never would I have imagined in my wildest dreams, that a week could be this revolutionary. I’m talking body, speech and mind people. I don’t want to slide into a rant about the power of detox/cleanse. Although that is for real. I don’t want to say that God somehow has made this all possible. Though she has. I don’t want to imagine that this is something complicated or mysterious. Because it is actually very simple and available to any and all. I guess what I am responding to is this phenomenon of discovery. Pure and simple. Discovery. Revelation. Call it what you will. But I almost feel like someone handed me a freakin toothbrush after years of wondering how in hell to keep my teeth clean. Huh. What a concept! I guess I am having a “ring them bells” kind of moment. What is something that has been revelatory in your life in the past week? I’d love to hear.

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