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Shankhapushpi: Word of the day…herb of the day. Who knew?!


Shankhapushpi is used to treat various disorders related to nervous weakness, problems like insomnia, mental as well as physical fatigue, loss of memory etc. Primarily shankhapushpi is used as a brain tonic. Shankhapushpi is one of the best and prominent natural medicine which helps in improving memory. From ancient times in India, people of all age groups (especially students, teachers, philosophers, etc.) always have tried shankhapushpi. Shankhapushpi works as a stimulant for brain in a way to improve its capacity, ability etc. Natural chemical composition in the shankhapushpi helps brain to calm down and relieves the tension, which s why shankhapushpi is also used as tranquilizer for those who suffer from insomnia. Shankhapushpi is also used as one of the most important ingredient in treatment of disorders/syndromes such as hypertension, hypotension, anxiety neurosis, stresses etc.

Shankhpushpi Evolvulus Alsinoides (Dwarf Morning Glory)
Shankhpushpi contains Convolvine, Convolamine, Phyllabine, Convolidine, Confoline, Convoline, Subhirsine, Convosine, Convolvidine, Scopoline, and ß-Sitosterol. These phytonutrients stimulate the brain and relax an overactive nervous system. Their anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) activities also contribute to memory enhancement. In Ayurveda, Shankhpushpi is used to manage neurodegenerative diseases caused by toxin and free radical damage in the brain such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.Patanjali, the compiler of the Yoga Sutras, described Shankhpushpi as the single greatest herb for enhancing all three aspects of mind power – learning (Dhi), memory (Driti), and recall (Smriti). Thus, it is called the greatest Medhya Rasayana (that which enhances the mind).

Whole plant of shankhapushpi is used in medical treatment. Various chemical compositions such as glucose, sucrose, glycosides, alkaloids and various acids etc. are found in the plant which are abstracted and used in medication as they are natural they give best result. Shankhapushpi contains some chemicals which work best against ulcers which are formed as an effect of augmentation of the mucosal defensive factors like glycoproteins and mucin secretion. According to pharmaceutical study Shankhapushpi acts strongly on some of the liver enzymes and helps in improving symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

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