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Sprout Far


Some of you know that I used to sell sprouts at Farmer’s Markets throughout Southern California. Recently I have been sprouting again…so to speak. I have gathered up sprout jars and started sprouting several different seeds. Aside from the fact that it brings back memories, sprouts are a live food that are power packed.

My current line-up: Lentils, garbanzos, white wheat berries, and soaked almonds. Last night I took my sprouted chick peas and did a “raw” hummus that was killer. Here is a fun site that has a lot of the basics of sprouting. Here is my challenge to you…can you get yourself a sprout jar and some seeds and grow some live food right on your kitchen counter? I bet you can!!! I highly recommend lentils and wheat berries to start because they are so great as toppers on salads.

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  1. Susan Foster permalink
    03/14/2010 1:14 am

    Not to mention, the great “Rejuvelac” with all the enzymes and good bacteria it has to offer…That is.. to mention, “the water from the soaked sprouts”… You save the rinse water after the second rinse and let it stand in a jar in a warm dark place like oven overnight “not on of course” in two days you can start drinking it and put it in the fridge.. sip it slowly. but drink it all through the day and at bed time… Not too much or it becomes roto-rooter if you know what I mean… I should probably do rough drafts first to be more professional and all, I hope people are compassionate editors….Thanks for the memories….

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