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Today’s Power Smoothie


Ok. Since a lot of folks have been asking…

I have posted the “recipe” in the past…but I’ll give you my current “blend.”

Here goes…in the order that I load the Blendtec…

2 oranges (just carve off the outer skin leave the good white pith).

handfull of organic blueberries

5-6 organic strawberries

handfull of organic blackberries

1 organic banana

2 heaping tbsp of spirulina (Health Force Superfoods brand)

2 heaping tbsp of “Sun is Shining” (

2 heaping tbsp of Maca powder (major mojo from this high plain root)

3-4 heaping tbsp of local bee pollen (complete protein with major benefits)

1 whole papaya (awesome enzymes and a big blasty blast of beta carotene)

1 huge hunk of fresh pineapple (great enzymes)

3 raw fertile eggs (great load of good fats, and aminos)

4 tbsp Udo Erasmus’ Omega Oil (

1 heaping tbsp of raw coconut oil (lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids)

3 tbsp of hemp seed ( (another complete protein)

1/2 cup or so of vitacoco coconut water (great source of electrolytes).

1 tbsp of propolis (another bee product from my honey dude, awesome antibacterial)

1/2 cup of Acai juice (Sambazon. A nice antioxidant and good flavor)

And that just about does it. My preferred method of drinking it is in a 1 quart mason jar. This recipe fills 2 of them just about. I have this in the morning post-workout and it fuels me for the majority of the day. I am a huge fan of the power smoothie in the early part of the day because it so easy on the digestion. It is also highly assimilable. The big load of aminos in the hemp seed, spirulina, bee pollen and raw eggs all work synergistically to give my body a wellspring of building blocks that it can convert to highly usable energy.

Here’s another tip…most of you probably start the day with your blast of coffee. Cool. IF that is working for you, that’s fine. I used to do that too, but I found that it just wasn’t sustaining me. I always felt a mid-morning crash or there was a point in my day when I really felt fatigued. If this sounds familiar, then you might want to rethink how you’re “coming online” in the morning. I changed it up. Now I start my day with “morning water.” This is something that has changed my life. I fill a mason jar with filtered, spiralized water ( and then I add the juice of a whole lemon, a tbsp of apple cider vinegar, a dropper full of marine phytoplankton, a dropper full of Fulvic Acid, and a dash of Celtic sea salt. This idea of “charged” water comes from David Wolfe, and since I have been doing this for the past four months…I am a believer. It saturates your body in a way that it lays the foundation for the rest of the day. The early morning is the “elimination” phase of the day. This hydration-plus helps support that and then some. So think about having morning water before morning joe. And really, after morning water if you down shift into a power smoothie you really won’t need your morning joe. You will get WAY more energy without the crash. Something to think about…

Drink up!

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  1. Fran Scoble permalink
    05/04/2010 1:42 pm

    Thanks for the recipe…I do MOST of this, but still can’t to the spirulina. I add a scoop of raw cacao powder–great taste and good stuff.

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