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Power Veggie Juice of the day


This was a pick me up at the end of a crappy day.

My typical pre-dinner therapy begins with the twilight watering and harvesting out in the garden. Tonight I gathered carrots, kale, french sorrel, spinach and asian cilantro. I have noticed that my sense of fresh greens has really evolved since I have been growing my own. My seven year old sidekick (Champe) usually facilitates the harvesting by running through his Bruce Lee inspired moves along the garden paths…replete with bow staff and other homemade weapons. Anyway, tonight’s juice was a nice load of the following.

Approx 12 carrots

Big load of fresh kale

handful of spinach

2 persian cucumbers

1 fuji apple

7 or 8 celery stalks

8 leaves of french sorrel

hunk of ginger

5 or 6 wedges of pineapple

handful of asian cilantro

This was one of my favorite concoctions I have run through the juicer. And I think that the reason I don’t mind the time it takes to harvest the veggies, the prep work and the clean up is because the overall feeling I get after drinking a huge glass of this veggie/fruit kick ass blend is so enlightening! It just feels great. With the stress and headaches of the general pandamonium of the dinner hour with two kids, I find that the magic elixir helps to stabilize the nerves…a bit. Anyway, if you have a juicer…USE IT! If you don’t…you might want to think about getting one. Fresh juice is a miracle for your body. Sipped slowly, the absorption rate of all those great vites and mins is just amazing. It absorbs right into your bloodstream for an immediate feel good with almost no energy wasted on digestion. These days I’m needing as much feel good in my bloodstream as I can get. Ya dig?

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